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Facility status

Dongil Steel Co., Ltd. does the best to become a world-class steel company
by investing in equipment continuously and manufacturing globally competitive productswith the best quality.

Rolling Equipment

  • 가열


  • 압연


  • 교정


Equipment Name No. of units Production Capa. Production Size
Heating furnace 1 18 ton/hr Round bar 25 ~ 106mm
Square 21 ~ 62mm
Hexagonal bar 23 ~ 62mm
Profile shape materials
Rolling equipment 1 3,500 ton/hr

Drawing Equipment

  • 쇼트


  • 인발


  • 자동인발

    Auto drawing

Equipment Name No. of units Production Capa. Production Size
Combined Drawing M/C 3 1,500 ton/month Cold-drawn round bar 6 ~ 30mm
Cold-drawn square bar 8 ~ 16mm
Cold-drawn hexagonal bar 12 ~ 21mm
Auto Draw Bench M/C 1 2,000 ton/month Cold-drawn round bar 23 ~ 80mm
Cold-drawn square bar 19 ~ 60mm
Cold-drawn hexagonal bar 22 ~ 60mm

Magnetic Detector


Magnetic Detector

This equipment is used to detect hair cracks on the surface of a hot-rolled round bar through magnetic particle testing and thereby to remove the cracks through grinding in the next process.

Testing range of hot-rolled round bar : 25~90mm x 4,000~8,000mm

Heat Treatment equipment


Heat treatment(annealing furnace)

The equipment is used to heat high-carbon steel or alloy steel at 600~700 oC first and then cool off the material slowly in order to make the internal structure even, remove stress, and improve the quality of material.

Equipment spec. : 20 ton/Charge Car Type Annealing Furance

Wire Rod Straightener


Wire rod straightener

A domestic or imported wire rod is injected to the equipment that produces a hot-rolled straight round bar.

Production size : 16~36mm round bar

Production capa. : 300 tond/month