A challenge for a bigger dream - Dongil Steel Co., Ltd.

Dongil Steel Co., Ltd. achieves efficient management in harmony with the labor and the management, and pursues a growing and go-ahead enterprise in balance of production and distribution.
In addition, the company provides a variety of welfare benefits to employees in order to guarantee their rich and stable living and improve the quality of their lives.

Personnel System

Category Position
Office Work
StaffChiefAssistant managerManagerDeputy general managerGeneral manager
Production Work
StaffAssistant managerChief

Welfare Benefits

Category Content
Four main insurances National pension, Employment insurance, Occupational health and safety insurance, National health insurance.
Children’s educational expenses High school and university school expenses
Expenses for congratulations and condolences/vacations Marriage and death of employees and their family members / Vacations.
Health examination Regular medical check-up
Residence Dormitory
Other benefits Gifts of national holidays, Commuter bus operation, Club activity support, Employee stock ownership operation.